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WE HAVE REOPENED!! (we survived Corona)

We are very excited to let you all know, that we will be starting to provide massage again  – as of Wednesday the 13th May 2020!

To be honest, the last 46 days of our closure – and the weeks leading up to it – were horrible! Our business has taken a massive hit. It will need the support of our community more than ever – to ensure we come out of this without being too battered and bruised.
On a positive note, we can report that due to our tireless work behind the scenes, and phone calls with our accountant, book keeper, bank, and the ATO, we have been able to keep all of our staff employed, with the plan that they should all be able to return to work within the next month or so.

We have classed the month of May, our trial month for returning during COVID-19. We are dipping our toe back in the water. This is still a stressful time for us, as we navigate our new way of doing business.

We have obviously had to cancel A LOT of client’s appointments since closing, we would love it if you would like to reschedule an appointment, please get in contact with us ASAP! As it will take us a couple of weeks to contact everyone who had their appointment cancelled.

We are following State and Federal Government legislation as best we can. If we do this right, we will be allowed to do more. Please be patient.

Thank you to all the beautiful clients, family and friends that supported us during our closure, it is so appreciated 🙂
Whether it was messages of kind words, or purchasing a product off us – we love you all! THANK YOU!

Grace McKenzie,



  • Appointment duration for repeat clients from the 1st June: 30mins, 45mins & 60 mins.
  • There is currently a choice of 2 therapists.
  • All clients must use hand sanitiser as they walk into the clinic, and use elbow to open the door on the way out of the clinic.
  • No extras allowed to appointments – we usually love having kids and partners along to the appointment, but we won’t be able to do that at the moment.
  • No toilet facilities available.
  • No water given, please bring a drink bottle with you – no refills.
  • Follow-up appointments will be able to be booked in reasonable advance as of the 1st June 2020 – no more than a month ahead.
  • Social distancing will still apply at all times in the clinic, except for when you are on the treatment table with your therapist.
  • As of the 1st June, we will be recommencing ‘face-up’ massage. We will incorporate this when it is needed for posture and muscle relief.
  • We encourage use of our ‘tap & go’ EFTPOS facility. We will still be accepting cash, however if possible, please use PayWave.
  • As we were doing before we closed, your reminder message will include questions about your current health; please respond truthfully when confirming your appointment.

At Revolution Health Centre we pride ourselves on giving the best service to the community, and empowering individuals with the knowledge, confidence, and self-awareness; to achieve great health.

We value and encourage honesty, education, positive body image, reliability, tenacity, health, hygiene, generosity, and leadership.

We aim to always have outstanding results and to raise the industry standard.

Very highly recommend Grace & her team.. Having had ongoing back pain for 5+ years, Grace has been fantastic to get my body functioning the way it should.. Being a dairy farmer & constantly standing on concrete with repetitive motions, tight back muscles had really caught up with me & Grace has been amazing at giving me great results.. Dry needling has been brilliant.. Extremely happy!


Absolutely fantastic service from Grace and Amanda.

LindaFactory Worker

If you have any sports related injures, this is the place to go for the best results!


Amazing. The girls at Revolution make sure that all my problem areas are tended to!!


Seriously would not be able to function everyday without both Amanda and Grace’s help! They both do an amazing job understanding my pain. They know where the problem is coming from and use great techniques to treat the areas.
I highly recommend them!!


Absolutely amazing high quality massages that make you feel like a million bucks after every session!

AdamLife Guard

Very honest, explained my problems very well and played good music.


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