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Sarah Waldron Coaching Life Coach Colac Revolution Health Centre

Hello + Welcome. I love that you have found yourself here.

I am Sarah.

I am a lifestyle coach who works with clients to structure their lifestyles to optimise their health, wellness, relationships and careers. I believe it is the things we do everyday that build the foundation for us to live incredible, vibrant and fulfilling lives.

I have a deep belief that our lifestyles are the foundation of our health. I am passionate about people feeling vibrant and excited for their lives. I believe our work should make us feel good and that it is vitally important to nourish, move, sleep and manage our stress well.

I was taught as a young girl that it is always worth asking the question. I am often the person telling my friends to take the leap, have a crack and to go for their dreams. I don’t want anyone to look back on their lives when they are 80 and think, ‘What if?’

I have a positive and bubbly persona. I like to keep things real but also push my clients outside of their comfort zones – this is where the magic happens. I love to cook, I love to read, have a passion for true crime and love to spend time in nature, especially rain forests, waterfalls and the beach.

I absolutely cannot wait to be a part of your journey to keep you accountable in moving you towards your best life.

1:1 Coaching Session – $80
1 Hour One on One Coaching Session

3 Month 1:1 Coaching Series – $450
Includes 1 x 30 minute Discovery Session and 6 x 1 Hour Coaching Sessions.


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Sarah Waldron Coaching Life Coach Colac Revolution Health Centre