Do you want to Join the Revolution?

At Revolution Health Centre we pride ourselves on giving the best service to the community, and empowering individuals with the knowledge, confidence, and self-awareness; to achieve great health.  We value and encourage honesty, positive body image, reliability, tenacity, health, hygiene, generosity, and leadership.  We aim to always have outstanding results and to raise the health industry standard.

We are a self-proclaimed Mentoring Clinic; developing the next generation of exceptional quality health professionals is one of our biggest goals.

If you are someone that loves health and wants to be a part of a dynamic team that are supportive, encouraging, positive and knowledgeable, then get in contact with us today!

My favourite thing about working at Revolution is the support you receive to better yourself and your knowledge; you get all the support you need!

Compared to other jobs I have been in, at Revolution, you definitely feel appreciated for the work you do. I am excited to see what the future holds 🙂

My favourite thing about Revolution, is the amount I have learnt while being here; the therapist I am today is because of Revolution! I have lots of confidence and skills, I’ve been able to have lots of practice with a wide range of clients, and now I’m completely independent. I know that if I need help with a client, I can always ask, but overall, I feel very ready to start full-time massage.

My favourite thing about working here, is the mentoring I have received and the organisation and structure. It’s a great workplace!

Keen to join our Massage Team?


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