Feeling overwhelmed? Worried? Stressed?

In these uncertain times, one thing is for certain, we need to look after ourselves!

In these uncertain times, we can often miss out on self-care but it is the time when we need it the most! Stress can have a major influence on our immune system which leaves us vulnerable to all sorts of viruses, infections, increased inflammation and even decreased mental wellness.

During periods of heightened stress, our flight or fight (survival) instinct is triggered, which puts extra stresses on our body that decrease our ability to fight off illness. It has also been shown to effect our digestive systems, increase blood pressure and heart rate, and has even been linked to raised cholesterol levels.

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How can I look after myself? 

Luckily, one of the best ways to decrease our stress levels is through massage. Massage has long been associated with relaxation, and for good reason. It lowers our stress hormone (cortisol) in our bodies which can have a direct, positive impact on our health. Massage has also been proven to increase our immune system dramatically! Even if massage just allows us to switch off and clear our minds for an hour, it will be helping! Reducing cortisol levels, helps reduce pain in the body, increases energy levels and improves our overall physical and mental performance.

Additionally, with all the concern over viruses this winter, you may not feel comfortable going to the gym, but it is really important to keep up our good habits. Try and find ways to work out at home. Use your body weight or Theraband for resistance training, use lighter hand weight for increased repetitions to improve muscle stamina, or even go out and go for a run or a walk.

There are many ways to help look after ourselves even when we feel like we can’t. Our physical and mental health is the most important thing we have.

Remember, in these uncertain times, one thing is for certain, we need to look after ourselves!

Our promise to you:

At Revolution, we hold ourselves to the highest cleaning & hygiene procedures every day. It was almost impossible to improve our standards any more. We held a whole staff meeting, and discussed the areas that we could improve/alter in these trying times. We have since implemented those changes, and obviously are still following our normal ‘best practice’ procedures. We have also followed recommendations by the Government, and our Associations.

We are constantly being updated with our current situation, and if we feel there would be any issues with you coming to our clinic, receiving a massage or attending a yoga session, we will inform you immediately.