Why you should get Massage after Birth:

During pregnancy a women’s body has gone through so many changes and has had 9+ months of these changes that will have taken their toll. Its not only during the pregnancy; labour is also very hard and exhausting on the body, and then you have a baby to care for. For example, during pregnancy, due to the extra weight on the front of the body the pelvis tilts forward (anterior tilting pelvis) causing low back pain and after pregnancy a woman is constantly lifting, feeding and holding her newborn causing tension of the neck and shoulders, so recovery and maintenance massage treatment is very beneficial at this time. Plus, it can also give you a bit of time out and to relax if feeling a bit stressed about the new lifestyle you now have. Keep reading if this sounds like you…

The 5 Main Benefits of Postpartum Massage:

  • Can reduce swelling, muscle aches, fatigue and soreness from pregnancy and labour.
  • Treat carpal tunnel syndrome which in pregnancy is caused by swelling, fluid retention, repetitive stress of carpal tunnel and poor posture.
  • Once the baby is born a mother generally has to wake every 3-4 hours to feed the baby so this can be a very sleep depriving, exhausting time massage can help to relax the mother and give her a restorative feeling.
  • Corrects anterior tilting pelvis that has been caused from the extra weight of the baby, and by correcting this alignment of the pelvis low back pain is reduced and the muscles can go back to their correct positioning.
  • Also helps with headaches, neck and shoulder soreness and tension that is caused by extra weight of the breasts, lifting and holding the new born and breast feeding. By treating the right muscles, the neck and shoulders can go back to their ideal positioning and again taking the tension off the muscles.

It is important to get treatment not only throughout your pregnancy, but even after you have given birth when you are feeling well enough. This aids in correcting your posture, gets rid of any aches or pains, headaches, sciatica, and cramping. Its also a good way for you to get out of the house and have some time to yourself!

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