New Year – New Me

The Resolution Debate

The beginning of the New Year always splits people down the middle. The reason is = Resolutions!

A New Year’s Resolution is usually 1 thing (but can be a list) of things people want to do or change, to make themselves better, or make more money etc.

Sounds pretty cool… so why do so many people hate them?

I can’t answer on behalf of the people that dislike the tradition – I myself don’t ‘do’ resolutions, however we know that a lot of the people that set a goal at the start of the year seem to have given up on it by the end of January.

Why is that?

As someone that has set goals most of my adult life, I know there is a lot of people out there that love to see others fail & quit.

The ‘Tall Poppy Syndrome’ is quite common, and has horrible side effects.

What do I do?

Since working with a mentor, I set myself 5 year goals, 12 month goals, quarterly goals, monthly goals, and weekly goals. This might seem like a lot, but my goals will take a while to achieve, so being realistic is the key, and the smaller goals help keep me on track.

I also support anyone who tells me their goals! This is so important as a human being. We need to raise each other up. If resolutions aren’t for you, no worries, they might work really well for another person, so don’t judge.

If you see someone at the gym that could be a ‘Resolutioner’ – HELP THEM! They have taken the massive step to get to the gym, if you don’t make them feel comfortable, then why would they come back!?

So many people struggle with self-confidence; encouragement at this time of year is so important! Some people only walk at night time, so no-one can see them exercising – this is terrible, and it actually makes me want to cry.

Another common resolution is to eat healthier, this is another area to be aware you are not sabotaging another persons goal. I know even our Athletes have experienced this, when they are in Prep season, people try to get them to eat crap or drink crap, when that is totally not allowed or on their agenda.

Remember, trying to compromise another persons goal says more about you as a person, than it does about the person making a resolution.

So to wrap it up, I totally encourage people to make goals – and write those buggers down, because what get’s written, get’s done.

And let’s start an Encouragement Revolution, you’ll be amazed at how good you’ll feel for it! You could even make someone’s day 🙂

With love,