Do you get headaches at Christmas?

Headaches at christmas

Do you get headaches at Christmas?

I do!

So many different things can cause headaches –  here are the main reasons your noggin’ will start achin’ this time of year:

  1. Dehydration! Hel-lo, you’ve only drank beers all day! HINT: start your day with 1 L of water when you wake up, and make sure you have a glass here and there through the day. And make sure you end the day with another litre! Alcohol and coffee dehydrates our cells more than not drinking anything at all!
  2. Too much sugar! You might not get a headache when you’re eating/drinking the sugar, but when it wears off – be ready for a massive low, mixed with a thumper!! HINT: Try eating more fruit rather than going nuts on lollies!
  3. Two words… CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!
  4. The Sun! Slip, slop, slap, wrap, slide, seek. Sun-stroke is not fun! It will leave you sick, and feeling horrible. Last time I had it, it felt like my brain was wobbling in my skull! HINT: Try to limit sun exposure; we need to protect our skin & eyes. Melanomas are preventable!
  5. Too much family! For the introverts, Christmas can be exhausting! HINT: go and have some quiet time for half an hour, rest, and pump yourself up again! Make the most of the time you have with your crazy family while you can!
  6. Gift-wrapping-neck: This is a phenomenon that only comes around in December. It’s when you spend hours wrapping presents – usually perched on the floor in an awkward position, or leaning over a short table. When you get this condition; you know Christmas is nearly over, and we’ll be able to buy hot-cross buns soon – so it’s not all bad. HINT: Book yourself an appointment. When the silly season is over; wouldn’t it be nice to get-rid of all that tension in your neck and shoulders?

Coming to you from Colac & Camperdown in 2017!