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At Revolution Health Centre we pride ourselves on giving the best service to the community, and empowering individuals with the knowledge, confidence, and self-awareness; to achieve great health.

We value and encourage honesty, positive body image, reliability, tenacity, health, hygiene, generosity, and leadership.

We aim to always have outstanding results and to raise the industry standard.

Very highly recommend Grace & her team.. Having had ongoing back pain for 5+ years, Grace has been fantastic to get my body functioning the way it should.. Being a dairy farmer & constantly standing on concrete with repetitive motions, tight back muscles had really caught up with me & Grace has been amazing at giving me great results.. Dry needling has been brilliant.. Extremely happy!


Absolutely fantastic service from Grace and Amanda.

LindaFactory Worker

If you have any sports related injures, this is the place to go for the best results!


Amazing. The girls at Revolution make sure that all my problem areas are tended to!!


Seriously would not be able to function everyday without both Amanda and Grace’s help! They both do an amazing job understanding my pain. They know where the problem is coming from and use great techniques to treat the areas.
I highly recommend them!!


Absolutely amazing high quality massages that make you feel like a million bucks after every session!

AdamLife Guard

Very honest, explained my problems very well and played good music.

injuries treated at revolution health centre colac

Ice or heat?

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